Our History

Jennine Arena founded Ablaze Communications in 1997 as a small graphic design firm providing design and production services from concept to delivery. Ablaze offered a full menu of sales and marketing media, including promotional materials, advertising and newsletters, and served clients ranging from Fortune 100 to small-business operations.

Having worked in small and large agencies and publishing, Jennine's founding commitment was to provide the business understanding and personal attention to detail that many independent designers lacked yet without the overhead expenses often associated with large agencies.

That formula exploded to success in 2006 when Jennine created a virtual incubator of creativity, building a decentralized team of designers, project managers and art directors that create custom-tailor design solutions for clients. This allowed Ablaze Communications to provide versatile high-quality creativity at reasonable prices.

Ablaze has earned several Awards of Distinction from The Communicator Awards, an international program that honors creative excellence as judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

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