Giving Back

Jennine Arena, our President, provided a quick article to Healthcare Marketer's Exchange about the importance of giving back.

As a business owner, I feel an obligation to contribute to the communities in which we operate. So for a little over two years now, we have been making an ongoing contribution of 1 percent of my firm’s service income to the non-profit charity the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation (ECF). Read more

Done Deals – Another Benefit of WBENC

Several benefits of the WBENC certification are working with large corporations and their supplier diversity programs, as well as working with other WBENC companies. When a “deal” is complete, you can gain additional PR by registering that deal. Below is our first recorded Done Deal with our client Beardworth Consulting Group, another WBENC.

November 2009 - Jennine Arena, President for Ablaze Communications, Inc. reports a Done Deal with Beardsworth Consulting Group, Inc. ( Ablaze Communications, Inc. has provided a Public Relations piece announcing a Beardsworth executive’s receipt of an industry award. The deal is a result of Beardsworth’s search of the WBE database and coming across Ablaze's information, Ablaze presenting their capabilities, and winning the proposal process. 

Keep Your Business Thriving: The importance of marketing in a down economy

The only way to get out of the “feast or famine” cycle many entrepreneurs experience is to continually market your business in both good times and bad, stressed Jennine Arena, Principal at Ablaze Communications, Inc. and Danielle Thierry, Principal at Thierry Writing, Inc. This Affinity Entrepreneurs event—Keep Your Business Thriving: The importance of marketing in a down economy—held on April 7, 2009 at DraftFCB in New York, was well received by a full house of HBA Metro entrepreneurs.

Ablaze Communications, Certified as Women's Business Enterprise

Piscataway, NJ – May 15, 2009 – Marketing communications firm Ablaze Communications has been certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). WBE certification allows women-owned businesses greater access to corporate entities that practice supplier diversity programs and federal, state and local governments.

Starting a Communications Firm, an online resource for entrepreneurs, interviewed our President, Jennine Arena.

How did you come up with the name Ablaze Communications?
Many moons ago, I remembered someone saying that you should choose a name that is towards the front of the alphabet. Reason being, if you are listed with other companies, you'll be towards the top. Most people stop looking through a list after awhile, so if you have a Z name, chances are, you won't be seen.

I chose Ablaze because it fit that criteria and because I was able to visualize a logo with it right away. The word Ablaze portrayed strength, hot, fast - all words I wanted coinciding with my company. Read more


Rekindling Your Passion for What You Do

Below is a section of an article about passion coinciding with your career.

Giving back. For other people, helping others takes the form of giving back to the community. Jennine Arena of Ablaze Communications in Bucks County has found that her philosophy of giving back helps to keep her going, even on those days when she’d really rather be at the beach.

Her business involves a virtual team of project managers, artistic directors, designers, and copywriters. “I’m employing people in several towns and several states. That is one way in which my business is giving back to several communities,” she says. “I have a strong connection with my spiritual side that keeps me passionate in all that I do. I am a big believer that giving goes so much further than getting.”

Arena’s company donates 1 percent of its design fees to Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, an organization that helps families who have children with cancer. “That’s another reason I’m passionate about gathering more business, so we can increase our donations,” she adds. Read more

ECF’s Annual Report Wins Award

Several years ago, under the direction of Lauren Alexanderson, ECF’s former Director of Marketing and Communications, Ablaze designed ECF’s award-winning 25th anniversary Annual Report. Read more

Ablaze Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

Design firm Ablaze Communications is marking its 10th anniversary in October with the firm’s hottest year, the result of vision, versatility and virtual creativity. Read more

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